A Brief History of the Historic Outdoor Art Museum (HOAM)

In 1995, the concept of historic murals was conceived by the Design Review Committee of New Braunfels Main Street. This committee read about the “Chamainus Murals” in British Columbia and how that program brought about a complete revitalization of their community. After several years and numerous historic outdoor murals and public art, Chemainus became a destination specifically for historic art. As a result of studying the Chamainus Murals, The Historic Outdoor Art Museum (HOAM) was founded in January of 1996 and became a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization for the purpose of enhancing the New Braunfels downtown historic district and teaching local history through art to school age students, for locals and visitors alike. We are open to the public at no charge, 365 days of the

Current Focus/Mission

The Outdoor Gallery of Art of New Braunfels, (hereafter referred to as the Historic Outdoor Art Museum or HOAM) exists to:

  1. Highlight New Braunfels history and honor its heritage,
  2. To help in the revitalization of New Braunfels’ downtown historic district, and
  3. To teach local history through museum quality art to students, locals and visitors alike.